cruising round Yarmouth


While cruisin' 'round Yarmouth one day for a spree
I met a fair damsel, the wind blowin' free
I'm a fast going clipper, me kind sir, says she
I'm ready for cargo; me hold is quite free

  And I falderal laddie, I falderal day
  Falderal laddie, I falderal day

The country she come from I couldn't tell which
By her appearance I thought she was Scotch
Her flag bore her colours, her masthead was low
She was round at the quarter and bluff at the bow

I gave her me hawser and took her in tow
And yardarm to yardarm a towin' we'd go
She laid in her mains'l, t'ga'n's'l and all
With her lily-white hand on me reef tackle fall

I said,”Pretty maid I’m a poor fisher lad
And if you’ll not have me, you’ll leave a man sad
She gave me her answer, she said she’d agree
And she’d keep my home while I went back to sea

I married that damsel, she stayed by my side
Through rough and smooth water, by high and low tide
And when I am fishing in sun or in rain
I know she’ll be there when I come home again