Many a Mickle

the Silver Darlings

En chansons, en contes et en images, le spectacle The Silver Darlings raconte l’histoire de la pêche au hareng en la mer du Nord, et des ’herring girls’, les filles qui vidaient les harengs et qui suivaient les flotilles de chalutiers d’Écosse jusqu’à Yarmouth.  Leur migration reflétait celle du hareng et des bateaux qui les pêchaient.

In song, story and image, The Silver Darlings tells the story of herring fishing in the North Sea and of the herring girls who followed the fleets of trawlers from Scotland down to Yarmouth.  Their migration mirrored the migration of the herring and the boats that caught them.
herring gutters
fifie and zulus boats in wick harbour
Many a Mickle CD - what fortunes guide a sailor?

the songs

Fisherman’s Wife
Three-Day Millionaire
The North Sea Holes
The Quay at Yarmouth Toon
The Fisher Laddie
Cruising Round Yarmouth
Sandy is a Sailor
Dance ti’ thy Daddy
Herring’s head
Shoals of Herring
The Week Your Man’s Awa’
Three Score and Ten
Stow Brow
Sleep On Beloved (Goodnight)
The sea in motion