How pleasant and delightful


How pleasant and delightful on a bright summers morn,
When the fields and the meadows are covered in corn,
And the blackbirds and thrushes sing from every greenwood tree,
And the larks they sang melodious at the dawning of the day,

   And the larks they sang melodious,
   And the larks they sang melodious,
   And the larks they sang melodious,
   At the dawning of the day.

Said a sailor to his true love as they walked one day,
Said a sailor to his true love, I'm bound far away,
I'm bound for the Indies, where the loud cannons roar,
I must go and leave you Nancy, you're the girl I adore.

Then a ring from her finger she instantly drew,
Saying take this, dear William, and my heart goes too,
And as he embraced her, tears from her eyes fell,
Saying, May I go along with you? nay, Nancy, farewell.

Fare you well my dearest Nancy, I can no longer stay,
Our good ship lies waiting, the anchor's aweigh,
Our good ship lies waiting for the next flowing tide,
And if ever I return again I'll make you my bride.
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Un jeune marin doit partir en mer pour faire la guerre.

Sa bien-aimée lui donne une bague de son doigt et ‘mon coeur aussi’.

Elle demande ‘est-ce que je peux t’accompagner?’

‘Non, ma chère, mais si je reviens, on se mariera’.