Stow Brow


In Stow Brow, in Stow Brow a fair maid did dwell
She loved an handsome fisher lad and he loved her as well
He promised for to marry her when back he did return
But bad luck and cruel hardship upon this couple fell

As they were a-fishing, a storm did arise
The sun was overshaded and dismal was the sight
The wind it blew an hurricane which made the billows roar
And it tossed these poor fishermen all on the rocky shore

Now some of them was single men and some of them had wives
And all of these poor fishermen were struggling for their lives
But this unfortunate young man who happened to be there
And instead of getting married he got a watery grave

Now from Stow Brow, from Stow Brow to Robin Hood's Bay
She spied the stranded sailor all on the sands he lay
She boldly plucked up to him and amazed she did stand
For she saw it was her own true love by the marks on his right hand

She kissed him, caressed him ten thousand times o'er
Crying, all these cruel billows have tossed my love on shore
How happy and contented she lay down by his side
And a few more minutes afterwards, this fair young maiden died

Now in Robin Hood's Bay churchyard this young couple do lay
And for a memorandum a stone is put there
And all of you young lovers that do pass by there
I'd have you all to shed a tear for the couple that lie there
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Une histroire vraie :
une jeune femme aime un marin.
Il part mais son bateau coule et il est noyé.
La femme trouve son corps sur la plage et se couche auprès de lui.
Elle y reste et y meurt.
On les enterre côte à côte.