tarry trousers


As I walked out one midsummer morning
The weather being both fine and clear
Who should I hear but a tender woman
Talking to her daughter dear

Daughter, I would have you marry
And live no longer a single life
But she said, Mother, I’d rather tarry
For my sailor boy so bright

But sailors they are given to roaming
Into foreign countries they do go
And then they leave you broken hearted
And that will prove your overthrow

Oh, sailors, they are men of honour
And do face their enemy,
When the thundering cannons rattle
And the bullets they do fly,

I'll dress my self in sailor's clothing
No foreign dangers shall I fear
When we're in the height of battle
I'll protect my Jamie dear

Hark how the big guns they do rattle
And the small guns they do make their noise
When we're in the height of battle
I'll cry, Fight on, me jolly boys

Me mother would have me wed a tailor
And rob me of my heart's delight
But give me the lad who’s tarry trousers
Shine to me like diamonds bright